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We understand that Junior High is a time of expression and development. Students are learning who they are as individuals and how that directly correlates with their faith. Our classes and teachers are focused on helping build character, instill discipline and develop students spiritually and academically. By the time a student leaves middle school, they have grown in confidence and are prepared to advance into high school.

Language Arts 
Mathematics (8th Grade Honors Available) 
Social Studies 
Connect With God
Computer Science 
Speech (8th Grade Honors Available) 
Visual Arts 

Student Council 
National Junior Honor Society 

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All MC Prep students engage in daily devotion through their Bible class called, Connect with God. They participate in worship, prayer, and learning to hear and recognize God’s voice. 

Weekly chapel for secondary grades is every Wednesday morning.

100% - 90% - 4
89% - 80% - 3
79% - 70% - 2
Below 70% is failing

Our facility has a full-service cafeteria offering hot-lunch and cold lunch options daily. Students may also purchase snacks, candy, and drinks as well. 

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